Doveland High School aims to provide education and training which will help students achieve their potential by promoting personal development through:

  1. excellent and accessible education for those who live in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.
  2. flexible and responsive academic programmes to serve a diverse student population, based on opportunities for further education.
  3. excellent educational services, which meet rigorous academic and professional standards.
  4. education that equips its students with cultural understanding in addition to advanced subject knowledge and appropriate life skills.

To achieve the above, all the members of Faculty have a collective and individual responsibility to contribute to the school’s broad, challenging and integrated curriculum. In addition, they individually have a responsibility to strive to deliver well-planned lessons where the teaching and learning are of prime consideration.


For a conducive and enabling environment for teaching and learning, our classrooms are:

  1. clean
  2. well-ventilated
  3. tidy and free of clutter
  4. aesthetically pleasing to the eye

Our very spacious classrooms comprise a maximum of 24 students. The teachers monitor, give care and professionally deal with the day-to-day activities of the students. The Behavioural Management Policy takes care of how we manage behaviour in and out of class.


  1. Making connections across subjects – learning across the curriculum.
  2. Engaging students as active learners.
  3. Engaging students as self-directed learners.
  4. Providing opportunities for students to apply knowledge and/or skills.
  5. Promoting pupil self-assessment and self-reflection.
  6. Integrating technology into teaching and learning.
  7. Providing opportunities for teachers to develop and improve their delivery strategies.
  8. Encouraging teachers to use feedback from variety of sources, including other teachers, students and parents as a means of improving teaching and learning.
  9. Improving delivery for the purposes of enhancing students’ learning and meeting their needs through proper supervision and evaluation processes.


  1. Students are expected to always resume in class on time.
  2. They are to enter the classroom equipped with their textbooks and writing materials.
  3. They are to sit quietly as soon as they enter a learning zone in anticipation to learn.
  4. They are to tackle all tasks and assignment with zeal and commitment.
  5. No student may talk to another student, move around, leave the classroom or go to toilet without a clear permission from the teacher.
  6. They must always write in clear handwriting. Failure to do so may warrant the teacher to insist that such note must be recopied.
  7. All tasks must be submitted as at when due.
  8. All students are expected to tuck in their chairs before leaving the class.
  9. The entry and exit in every class must be in a single file.


  • The teachers deliver lessons in accordance to the planned lesson plans and the school’s curricular objectives.
  • They demonstrate knowledge of subject matter and transmit that knowledge in an interesting manner to accomplish the objectives of instruction.
  • They are familiar with the latest teaching practices: They are highly creative in making their classes interactive by adopting audio, visual and kinaesthetic methods.
  • The goal is that all our students must demonstrate a very strong understanding of all the topics covered before another one is introduced. Hence, our teachers demonstrate/explain the topic in such a way that the students will need little or no note-copying. Long notes to cover the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the teachers are not tolerated in the school.
  • Our teachers make optimal use of the facilities provided by the school to facilitate learning and assess students objectively.
  • They also demonstrate keen understanding of the needs, concerns, abilities and interests of each student in delivering lessons.
  • After each topic, every teacher gives assessment which will be used to evaluate the understanding of the topics as well as to develop the skills mentioned above.